Solitaire Gold

No ads. No distractions. The perfect fit for a Solitaire king.

Modern design, easy to read typefaces, dazzling eye candy, and cool new features make Solitaire by Blue Bulldog a game you won't be able to put down.


Now take your game even further and upgrade to Solitaire Gold. You’ll find all of the same incredible features with none of the distracting ads.

Supports all iOS devices running iOS 9.0 and above.

The most immersive Klondike Solitaire yet.

Game graphics leap off the screen with crisp text and high contrast. Soft visual cues and rewarding sounds guide you as you accumulate points. Solitaire Gold by Blue Bulldog is as fun as it is beautiful.

Classic cards. Now at Super Retina HD resolution.

Solitaire Gold by Blue Bulldog is designed from the ground up to take full advantage of the latest Retina screens on all iOS devices. The cards are rendered at Super Retina HD resolution and the game engine dynamically resizes each card to use every last pixel of your display.

Beautiful wallpaper is built-in.

Over a dozen stunning wallpapers are built-in and more are added with every major Solitaire Gold app update. All photos are curated and enhanced to ensure that no distracting objects are located where the cards are displayed. Have an adorable family or pet photo? Custom wallpaper is also supported and you can choose from any image stored in your iOS Photos Library.

A sneak peek of 9 wallpapers offered in the game. 20 wallpapers are available in total.


• Reach for the stars! When you're playing and you've exceeded your highest ever recorded score, a gold star will appear next to your score.

• Gorgeous animations as you progress through the game and earn points

• Full-screen gameplay supporting all screen orientations

• Cards intelligently resize based on the card stacks and game state to maximize card visibility

• Right handed and left handed layouts

• Record high scores and game statistics for both Standard and Vegas modes

• Replay games associated with previous high scores to compete with your last score

• Select from a variety of built-in wallpapers or set a custom wallpaper using a photo from your iOS photos library

• Automatic game saving

• Intelligent hints

• Drag and drop cards

• Double tap cards to move them automatically

• Easy Mode (Draw 1)

• Hard Mode (Draw 3)

• Vegas Mode with cumulative scoring

• Timed Mode: the faster you play, the more bonus points you win!

• Unlimited undo

• Game Center leaderboards and achievements

• Auto Complete finishes the game for you when all cards are turned over and aligned for a win

• Rewarding win animation

• Built-in help with explanations for Klondike rules, scoring, and a strategy guide

• Universal app for iPhone and iPad







Online Leaderboards and Achievements.

Sign into Apple’s Game Center and take full advantage of online leaderboards and achievements with other players around the world. Unlock all seven achievements and become a Solitaire Grandmaster.



Flying Ace

One Minute Wonder

Win any solitaire game.

Place four aces on the foundation without taking a card from the stock.

Win within one minute.

Money Maker



Win any amount of money after recouping the initial bet of $52.

Play and win 3 solitaire games back to back.

Play and win 100 solitaire games.


Play and win 1,000 solitaire games.

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